Bang goes the MacBook screen and part of my life

Well what can I say about today. It’s been horrible from start to finish. Really busy with work and I was rushing about the house and stupidly had my MacBook Pro in my hand. I tripped and dropped it on the floor, cracking the screen. I’m an absolute idiot and it’s put me back by ages in my work today.

It still usable, but it’s got a big crack across it which is making it difficult to use. So if my typing is a bit weird, it is because I can only see two thirds of the page properly.

I’m a bit nervous because I did a search online for MacBook Pro screen replacement in my area. I rang the couple of local places that could help and they said that the retina screen parts were not in stock. Which means they will have to be ordered in, which means time and hassle for me. I’m really fuming with myself and I should not have rushed around. But how many of us spend our days rushing round with technology in our hands, especially mobile phones worth a fortune, without even considering the impact on our lives if we drop them and ruin them.

Apart from the MacBook disaster I also burnt lunch. Now that doesn’t sound like much of a disaster, but I spent $30 on a new oven pan and it was the first time I have used it. Because it is so burnt I had to throw it away, I just couldn’t get everything off, so it’s cost me a MacBook Pro screen and a $30 oven pan today.

In other news, I decided today that I’m not going to throw any fruit or vegetables away ever again. Any leftovers are going to be daily turned into smoothies, or juiced as they call it. I’m not doing it for a health kick, well not particularly, I’m doing it more to stop the waste.

I’m hoping that I can cut down on my shopping bill by a few dollars a week and also get a bit healthier. That also means I’m going to have to do a bit of exercise rather than sitting in front of a computer screen all day, but I think it could get me into daily routine of doing something positive, which I can then use to build on and do some regular daily exercise.

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