Friends coming home but will they still be friends

Today I am excited because later on one of my old friends is coming home after two years away. I have known him all my life and I’m really excited because he has been away doing journalism in the big city.

I’m really looking forward to catching up and spending time with him and seeing how he is. I really want to hear how he’s made a life for himself in the past couple years, and am hoping it will help to push me to do the same for myself.

I think one thing I’m concerned about is that he will have moved on away from me emotionally. I’m also concerned that when men and women of friends there is always a sexual barrier.

It happened a few weeks ago with another friend of mine, although she was a female. We had not really caught up face-to-face for a year, although we exchanged emails and texts regularly. But I think technology got in the way. We already knew a lot about how the other one had been, so when it came to sitting down face-to-face and talking, it actually felt a bit weird and we struggled.

I think this made us both feel that the friendship was not right and I haven’t really contacted her since. It’s very strange because she is my friend, but something about the familiarity having been nurtured through electronic means, made real life seem strange. I think that might be the same with online dating, where people converse through messaging for a few weeks before meeting, and then when it comes to meeting face-to-face, they already know a bit about each other, but they have to suddenly patch the real personality into what they already know through online interaction.

And I’m hoping that it doesn’t happen with my journalist friend. I really want to tell him about all the great things in my life, and not just bore him with things like how I’ve had to deal with a MacBook Pro screen replacement trauma, or that I’m worried about my life. (By the way, I ended up finding a place in Los Angeles that had the Macbook replacement screen that I needed, I will be getting it fixed very soon) It’s really odd but even though I want to catch up with my friend, I don’t want to bother my friend with issues in my life, large or small. Isn’t that a bit weird?

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