Wow this was three very busy days

The last few days have been incredibly busy in my life. I had bingo on Sunday, and we were at full capacity, and I even had to think about maybe moving everyone into a bigger room at the venue. I think it may come to the point where I have to change the times for the sessions and the venue, we had 30 people in this session and I think I will have to make some calls because if it continues then I just can’t provide a good experience for them.

After the bingo I went to my sister’s house and found them just walking inside when I got there. We were going to have coffee but soon after that it became like Grand Central Station. In an hour, two cousins, a brother, two children and parents that all arrived. Completely coincidentally. There were some phone calls to bring other local family members round and before we knew it it turned into a full-blown party.

So I got home a little worse for wear, and what started out as a quick bingo day turned into a full on party that didn’t finish until midnight.

The next day was all about grocery shopping and clothes shopping. I know that doesn’t sound particularly busy, but I’m looking for an outfit for a wedding, clothes for my new baby niece and I had to do grocery shopping and get some bits for the house. So because of the way things are locally, it took a lot of driving and moving around to achieve this. And with traffic and lunch it took me six hours. By the time I got home and did a bit of work, the day was done.

And then on day three, it was mostly about delivering work. I worked flat out the 10 hours and my beautiful MacBook Pro seemed to glow with all the work I was throwing at it. It didn’t help that always through I was getting text messages from friends and emails from clients that also had to be done. I didn’t really stop to eat much and all in all it was a very busy day.

And on the fourth day I rested. No I’m not a God, I’m just a very busy person living your average Western lifestyle. I hope my new blog will be a great experience and just maybe somebody else will read it and enjoy it.

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